This could not be easier in the North Laine with three Car Parks and on-street parking within easy reach of all the restaurants, cafés, shops and entertainment.

Car Parks

The cheapest is Trafalgar Street (B.H.C.C) with selected prices ranging from £1.00 for 1 hour, £2.50 for 1-2 hours, £4.00 for 2–4 hours and £6.00 for 4-6 hours.

The more expensive NCP’s in Church Street (Theatre) and North Road have prices ranging from £4.00 for 1 hour, £8.00 for 1-2 hours, £13.00 for 2–3 hours and £25.00 for over 4 hours.

Just north of the area, but within a short walking distance, is London Road car park which has similar prices to Trafalgar Street.

On-street parking charges £3.50 for 1 hour, £6.00 for 2 hours and £10 for 4 hours.

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